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My Pomegranate steps

When you start to paint you might have this vision how your painting should look like. Most of the time, especially in the beginning, the painting is taking a bit different direction from what you've had in mind. Don't worry about that, it's a part of creating process. Try to enjoy this road, as it's not particularly about the result. It's about you developing and discovering your skills and personal technique in this journey. Finally you'll get there, to your destination, the art which will represent You. As it's all about You, dear.

Let me get back to the to painting talk (: This is my pomegranate journey. I haven't paint still life for a while. So I've started from the basics: before I give my own interpretation to what I see, like different colours from what we see at the first sight, I've just starred at the pomegranate photo and tried to 'copy' it using my aquarelle technique. Starting from watery tones to create kind of fuzzy sketch in aquarelle. And stregntening the colors and tones where necessary. Over and over again. I needed a bunch of patience for that. Yes that's a challenging part to be busy for quite some time and still not seeing even a piece of your final vision.

Yes, I'm perfectionist. But the biggest achievement is to get relaxed and let that THING go. So that you can freely enjoy your journey and be happy with your creative discoveries. As this is how it works actually with everything ;) One step at the time.

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