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1. Do you like to paint/draw?

''It is important to realise who you are and what is, that you REALLY like. In that way you can choose things which truly make you happy and grow towards your passion. It sounds easy, but in every day life as an adult, it's even easier to loose yourself in daily obligations & routines. I always knew I like painting & drawing. I did it a lot when I was child and during my study. Then I did fall in this gap, which we could call an adult life. I stoped with painting and drawing. It took me10 years to rediscover myself and start painting again. I would love to spare this time to everyone who is still searching. Choose for yourself and be happy. Create time for yourself. Create time for what YOU like to do. At my lessons I will share with you the tricks I use to create 3D effects as on the paintings presented above. As an architect I'll help you to understand the rules of perspective, light & shadow game and many more. You will develop new skills and we will bring your existing skills on a higher level :)

It happens that we don't even know what we do like. Sometimes you don't know if you like to paint or draw at all. Sometimes you haven't got a chance to try. It happens also that you've even tried, but you think yourself that you can't do it or you are not good enough. Well, I might have news for you. With a right mindset and guidance you can achieve things you wouldn't even thought that you could. Give yourself a chance and book a try-out lesson. You will see what I mean. I'm sure after the lesson you will choose YES :) ''

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don't know

1. Do you like painting or drawing?

Don't know

2. Types of the lessons 

Artona offers you 
different ways to learn 
how to draw & paint. 
Check the buttons 
above to see which type of lesson suits you the best.

Artona gives painting and drawing lessons in variety of techniques
Artona Kids

Artona Kids

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You can also have an individual online lesson, which is given via Zoom Video call. You get personal guidance in given subject and chosen technique.

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3. Techniques you can learn at Artona

At Artona you can learn how to paint & draw in different techniques. Below you can see artworks of the students created with soft pastel, aquarelle, acrylics, coloured pencils, aquarelle pencils, pastel pencils, graphic pencils & charcoal. Most of the works are made by beginners: adults, youth and children :)

If you want to know more about the techniques, Artona can teach you, click on the button below