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Were you ever thinking about ordering 

a portrait? Afraid it would take too long 

to pose? Doubting because it might be

too expensive? Stop thinking about it as you have come to the right address! Artona offers you unique portraits and other

paintings, which would be an unforgettable gift for yourself or for your loved ones. Alicja will advise you and choose the best color combinations for your artwork. If you wish, she will also choose and deliver framed work with matching passe-partout frame. All you need to do is mail a photo of the person you would like to have a portrait made for. If you have specific wishes, please communicate these through mail or phone. Alicja will take everything under consideration, and will advise you in the way so that the composition, style and size of the work will suit your demands. Alicja is an extremely creative person, so don't hesitate to share your outgoing artistic wishes with her.  

Your wishes

Take a moment to have a look at Alicja’s portfolio, so you can see which technique and style you like the most. She draws and paints in a variety of techniques, of which not all of them are exposed on the website. Don't hesitate to ask Alicja if you have any special requests.


If you already have a crystalized idea of what you would like to have, please share this idea with Alicja. Would you like a full color work or monochrome? Which size of work do you wish to have? Do you wish to have the work framed? What is the theme of the artwork? A person, a pet or maybe even a flower? What is the occasion? Any deadline in mind? Would you like to have a written dedication on the artwork? If you need to get an idea about the prices, please click on the button below.

Commissioned portrait of Margot painted in aquarelle technique by Alicja
Reference photo of Margot for the commission

Portrait in aquarelle technique


Feel free to send more than one photo, so that Alicja can choose the most suitable one for the painting or drawing. This way she can also observe the character of a person or animal better.  

Are you thinking about ordering an artwork of your favorite

flower or object? Send some pictures of the object you have in mind. Alicja can make amazing works based on photo’s and/or real life objects! 

In case you have bigger photo files or a video, you can also use 'File Upload' form. Than the photo's will go directly to the Drop Box of Artona.

Order a portrait

After sending the photo(s), Alicja will contact you to discuss the possibilities and delivery time for your artwork. The description of the agreed type of work, will be sent with the invoice. The payment is preferred upfront.

Commissioned and framed portrait of Margot painted in aquarelle technique by Alicja

If you don't know all the answers, don't worry! Alicja will help you to make the best choices within your budget and time schedule! You can call or mail her by clicking on the icons below.

Send the photo 

In case you would like to order a portrat of a person or pet simply send a photo per mail to Alicja. Keep in mind the the photo is only a reference material, so the artwork won't be just a bigger sized copy of the photo. Alicja is an experienced observer and artist. 

She is capturing the character of the pet or a person and is adding to her work personal unique expression by translating the image into natural or expressive

color combination. She is using her 3D knowledge of anatomy as well as art of light and shadow to give

realistic three dimensional expression into her work. 

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Order a portrait

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