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About Artona

Welcome to the world of light, colours & passion.

Here you will find a variation of paintings and drawings, but also customized work made upon request. Artona is a talented artist, who can paint a great portrait for you; portraits of adults, children, families or pets. Under 'Portfolio' you will find the examples of work made in aquarelle, acryl, ink, pencil, gouache and in mixed techniques. There is a variety of thema's and objects used as inspiration for art works. Alicja is specialized in portraits of children, adults and pets in aquarelle. Click on the buttons on the right side to see examples of art works. 

Artona also offers painting & drawing courses, for adults and KIDS, as well as for starters as for professionals. You can also follow creative themed workshops, which can be organised for several occasions. Under 'Courses' you will find more details on this.

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Alicja Wieczorek is an artist, designer, architect and an interior designer. Her passion is to create beauty within human environment. When she was 11 years old, she had drawn a portrait of her father (at left). Her talent was recognised and in the following years she developed her skills by painting at different art schools. At the same time she chose a career as an architect. After years of working as a project architect, she decided to start her own company. Over the years she had realised that a human factor is essential for her. Alicja now works on a smaller scale (interior design), where she can be closer to people. This, and her endless creative capabilities, make her human. 


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Alicja Wieczorek born in 1979 in Poznan/Poland, is also the owner of an Interior Design company www.onadesign.nlAs part of her education, she followed lessons and courses:

~ Academy of Drawing and Art in Poznan, Poland (1998 - 2002) 

~ Architecture & urban planning, University of Technology in Poznan, Poland (1998 - 2003) 

~ Urban planning, Avans Hogeschool in Tilburg, The Netherlands (2002 - 2003)

~ Art Association membership by KunstPost, in den Haag, The Netherlands, 

~ Art Association membership by NABK, The Netherlands, 

~ Painting and drawing course by Jan Naezer, in The Hague, The Netherlands,

~ Painting & workshops wih models from the dance Academy, in Tilburg, The Netherlands

~ Drawing lessons given by prof. Wlodzimierz Wloszkiewicz, in Poznan, Poland,  


~ Finalist Award for 'Bateleur Eagle' in the 3rd Annual Woman in Watercolour International Juried Competition in category Animal/Wildlife 2022 held in USA

~ Third Place Award for 'Nitka' in the 2nd Annual Woman in Watercolour International Juried Competition in category Animal/Wildlife 2021 held in USA

~ Nomination of 'Artichoke' for the painting of The Year 2021 held in The Netherlands

~ Honorable Mention of 'Kingfisher' in the1st Annual Woman in Watercolour International Juried Competition in category Animal/Wildlife 2020 held in USA                                                             

 R E C O G N I S I O N S


Artona: ART + ona

ona (in polish) means 'she'  

News & Events

2022  Artona wins Finalist Award

In July 2022 Aquarelle painting "Bateleur Eagle" has won Finalist Award in the 3rd Annual Women in Watercolor International Juried Competition held in USA in the ANIMAL & WILDLIFE Category. "With 1615 entries from over 56 countries, where only 220 submissions were accepted, it definitely represents the best of the best!"

Bateleur Eagle Final_edited.jpg

painting size 78x57cm

Schermafbeelding 2022-09-01 om 11.26 kopiëren.jpg

2021  Artona wins Third Place Award

In June 2021 Aquarelle painting "Nitka" has won Third Place Award in the 2nd Annual Women in Watercolor International Juried Competition held in USA in the ANIMAL & WILDLIFE Category. "With 1600 entries from over 50 countries, it definitely represents the best of the best!"

Women in 2021b kopiëren.jpg
Medal rond_edited.jpg

Painting of The Year 2021

In November 'Artichoke' is chosen as 1 of the 50 nominees for Painting of the Year 2021 in The Netherlands


2022  Big Location is sold

For more than 5 years we have enjoyed beautiful 

location in Voorburg, called Big Location on the ground floor by Nirai. This location has been sold in February 2022. From now on the lesson will only take place in Private Studio of Artona in Voorburg. As a result bigger groups are split into smaller once (max 6 participants) and that means even more attention for the students!


2020  Artona is sponsoring NEW WINGS Charity Event

On the12th of September 2020 Artona is attending an event organised by New Wings Charity Foundation in Huis ter Dun in Noordwijk. This foundation is gathering the funds for Organ Transplants for Children in The Netherlands. This amazing idea of starting such a Foundation came from a great human being and a friend of Artona: Ewa Szalwinska 

Artona has donated a painting, which has brought, during auction at this Evening, an amount of €1500 for the New Wings, total amount gathered that night is € 59100 !!! It was an unforgettable evening and being able to participate in such an initiatief was an honour. Under this link you can find more information about the New Wings Charity Foundation


From left: Guest, Ewa Szalwiska, Alicja Wieczorek ( Artona ), Guest