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Would you like to bring your painting or drawing skills to a higher level? You wish to develop yourself and your own artistic style? View here the options:

At Artona you can follow individual lessons, group lessons & workshops, also for children. Artona is giving the lessons in particular from Aquarelle, Pencil, Soft Pastel & Acrylic. 
There is a variety of techniques & lesson types for the KIDS. The most popular lessons for children are in the groups. Click the button to read more:


Group lessons KIDS 5-7 years old:

T U E S D A Y S  15:30 - 17:00

Group lessons KIDS 8-11 years old: S A T U R D A Y S  13:30 - 15:00

Group lessons KIDS >12 years old:

F R I D A Y S  17:30 -19:00

Are you looking for

an unique present?

Artona is painting portraits

& other subjects

upon request.

Portraits are painted based on reference photo, which you can send via e-mail. Alicja will create for you an artistic & unique version of the person or an animal.



Painting 36x48cm

Anabel lijst.jpg

Frame 61x73cm

Send via mail a photo of a person, pet or an object you wish to have painted:

Choose the technique and size of the artwork. In case

you need an advise, Artona will help you with making choices.

The role of the frame is to protect (fragile) paper artwork and to underline the beauty of the painting even more. In case you wish Artona to frame the work, let it know in advance. 


         " I had a fantastic experience with Alicja. The classes are very relaxing and friendly, she is patient and takes time to explain to every students how to paint or draw. She also has a great sense of humour! Besides that, I was extremely pleased with what I learned both with color mixing, painting and drawing techniques. She has a precise and elaborate way of teaching that work both with beginners and advanced levels. I have already some experiences and those classes allowed me to reconnect with my skills and to discover new methods. I highly recommend her! "

~ Clemence ~

        " Alicja is a very professional, compassionate and understanding teacher. I did not know that someone could adapt so well according to different students’ levels. I felt at complete ease from day one to ask questions or clear my doubts about any pastel stick she suggested. She answered all my questions with patience, and helped me develop my sense and my vision for art. Although soft pastel was new medium for me, she guided me proficiently to absorb as much knowledge as she could impart to me. I am very happy with my decision to learn from her, and hope to continue finding challenges that will help me grow further under her guidance."

~ Neha ~

        " Alicja is an amazing and passionate art teacher as well as a wonderful and brilliant person. Her knowledge about many painting techniques is astonishing and this is reflected in the fact that she is so good in explaining clearly, step by step and with hundreds tips, how to achieve the best result! I enjoy so much the classes because Alicja is able to make them relaxing but lively. I appreciate very much her kindness, good mood, loquacity and excellent sense of humor. She cheered up my day many times. 
If you subscribe to her classes you cannot fail to be 100% satisfied. I strongly recommend her."

~ Rehab ~

        " The personalized aquarelle course I took with Alicja was a fantastic experience. Not only because of all I learned technically during the 3 months course but specially because I had the opportunity to relate the aquarelle painting styles to other aspects of life.
Alicja is very knowledgeable and her experience as professional architecture and talented artist results in one of the best "maestras de arte". Thank you Alicja for the opportunity to be at your lessons."

~ Nibia ~    

Who is Artona? What is so unique about her and her work?  Click the button to discover more:

Behind the company name Artona stands Alicja. She is an artist & architect living and working since 17 years in The Netherlands.

2020  Artona wins Honorable Mention Award

In June 2020 Aquarelle painting "Kingfisher" has won Honorable Mention Award in 1st Annual Women in Watercolor International Juried Competition held in USA in category ANIMAL/WILDLIFE. "With 1200 entries from over 50 countries, it definitely represents the best of the best!"

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