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Schilderlessen den Haag Voorburg Zoetermeer

Painting lessons The Hague Voorburg Zoetermeer

Artona creates custom made paintings & 


& subject of work, are up for discussion. Paintings can be painted with acryl paint, oil paint, aquarelle paint or be drawn with pencil, ink or dry pastel. 

The size as well as the technique

Artona also uses mixed techniques and the subject of the artwork can be realistic or abstract. If requested by the client, Artona can also frame the work. Scroll down this page to read more about this option. In case you wish to order a portrait, don't hesitate to call or email.

More than 'just a portrait'

Capturing the correct proportions isn't the only way to make a great portrait. Every artwork is unique, not only because it evokes the memory of a certain moment, but also because Alicja is interpreting the characters of the person or pet in her own way. Designing a portrait is very complex: it’s not just about a painting a realistic portrait, but also about bringing thoughts and emotion onto paper. Think of the composition, posture, use of color, anatomy, the glance in the eyes and the light and background of a portrait, all things that need to be thought of to create the best portrait.


Iris Sq.jpg
Medal rond_edited.jpg



Portraits are painted from a photo. While sketching the first impressions and proportions, Alicja makes up the design: choosing a color palette which will enhance the mood, expresion and age of the portrayed person. It is important to realize that the portrait is not a blind copy of the photo, but a unique and thoughtful interpretation of it. The photo is used more as reference than as a basis for an exact copy. Alicja adds living colors, life and character to every portrait. Those vibrant 

features are often missing in photographs. 

As an option, Artona can also frame the portrait.

' Margot' aquarelle Painting 36x48cm

Margot photo.jpg