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Schilderlessen den Haag Voorburg Zoetermeer

Painting lessons The Hague Voorburg Zoetermeer

√  depending on the age one lesson can take 1,5 hour till 4 hours 

√  there are individual lessons, group lessons & workshops available

√  every type of lesson starts with a try-out lesson of 1,5 hour

√  after try-out lesson there will be an individual program set up 

 for workshops & group lessons they are three age categories: 5-7 years old,

   8-11 years old & older than 12

√  workshops & group lessons consist of max. 5 children

√  lessons are perfect for starters, intermediate & advanced students

 prices start from €35 per hour incl. standard painting & drawing materials*

 *additional costs for non standard drawing & painting materials, big size papers 

   & canvas, mixed media choice, handmade sculptures

 individual lessons are also available in package of 10 lessons or semester package 

√  location Voorburg: private art studio 

Lessons KIDS ˚

Check examples of:

We Apply Precautions against  



Behind Artona stands Alicja, 

professional Artist and Designer. 

She is focusing on development 

& capacities of every child 

individually. During the classes 

she is teaching features such as 

proportions, scale, gradation of

the color, mixing colors, creating light & shadow effects. At her lessons your child has an opportunity for an amazing

art journey in order to discover and develop its Unique Self.

ART Journey of a Child ˚



5 Years Old Student - improving 

 her skills during individual lessons

Alicja offers your

child not only different ways

to learn how to draw & paint, but most of all a personal

guidance in perception

of its own world and its translation into the artHer endless creativity make

sure your child gets

unique & inspiring artistic

journey. With some fun :)



15 Years Old Student - improving her skills 

 during individual lessons

Gallery of Children's ARTworks ˚

Artona teaches how to paint & draw with different techniques. Below you can see artworks of the children. There is a wide range of materials 

available to exercise with, for example: coloured pencils, aquarelle pencils, inkt-ense pencils, dry pastel pencils, soft pastel, oil pastel, 

acrylic, gouache, inkt, ecoline, mixed media and more. For children older than12 also aquarelle paint. Most of the works are made by beginners :)

If you want to know more about the techniques, click on the link below

How to sign up KIDS for the lessons˚

√ Send to Alicja a message

via contact form.

 Let her know the age of a child,

artistic experience, if there

is any & the preferred

 type of the lesson.

√ She will contact you to discuss your wishes & availability.

√ After agreed date for a try-out lesson, you'll receive per e-mail location & payment details.

AGENDA KIDS Group Lessons ˚

Group lessons KIDS 5-7 years old:

T U E S D A Y S  15:30 - 17:00

Group lessons KIDS 8-11 years old: S A T U R D A Y S  13:30 - 15:00

Group lessons KIDS >12 years old:

F R I D A Y S  17:30 -19:00

In case your child is available at different timetable, let Alicja know. There will be new groups planned.


During the group lessons children can learn drawing or/and painting. Usually we start with drawing to learn basic skills about creating light and shadow effects. After some progress they are different techniques which get implemented. The goal is to develop the child's perception by

> Learning about the colours/grey scale spectrum > Mixing colours > Scaling objects > Creating depth and three-dimensional illusion, in order to have a solid base for any drawing and painting technique with realistic touch. Every child is guided individually, so it's possible to develop in its own tempo and level. We work accordinly with reference pictures and real life compositions. 

Prices below are including the drawing materials which are: coloured pencils for 5-7 years old and graphic pencils for 8-11 years old. All art supplies have excellent quality.

° 1 lesson of 1,5 hour

°  price is €65

°  10 lessons of 1,5 hour

°  price is €60 per lesson


°  Book a TRY OUT lesson

°  1,5 hour for €55 

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